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"We believe going green is the only way forward"

The rebellion Gentian mentality is also rooted in hotel Adoma’s DNA. Ghent claims the title of ‘the vegetarian capital of Europe’. Our drive for entrepreneurship has led us to take onboard green entrepreneurship. Yes, we believe in going green!

Comfort is still our number one priority. What’s important to us, is being aware of our ecological footprint. Therefore, as green entrepreneurship ambassadors, we have taken our operations under the scope and improved it.

We are proud to announce that our electricity supply is mainly sourced by the sun’s power. The same light source which provides Ghent with a magical, mysterious atmosphere.

When you turn on the night-lamp above the bed, the power of the light comes from the same source you could enjoy beautiful moments in the historical city center. Isn’t this fabulous.

In the hotel rooms, environmental measures are applied to reduce guests’ ecological footprint. When staying longer than one night, we ask if you would like to use the towels more than once.
In Belgium, the water runs freshly through the taps. Jugs are provided for guests to enjoy Belgian tap water. The water is regularly tested and approved by the suppliers, supported by the Flemish commission of the environment.
More into bottled water, drink dispensers are provided on the ground floor of the hotel.

We would like to encourage you to immerse yourself in the Gentian mentality. Experience yourself and pick what fascinates you. We believe going green is the only way forward.

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