Travel guide Ghent

In the shadow of the medieval city of Bruges. Ghent is the pearl of Flanders that hasn´t yet been fully discovered. Ghent was the European metropolitan city between 1200 and 1500. Today, we are blessed with the remainings of that time. The beauty and charm of the city remained.

Today´s attitude of the city has rooted in the times where the people of Ghent fought for their rights and the existence of the city. The rebellious attitude has brought prosperity to its inhabitants. Jacob van Artevelde has been the man who stood up for its fellow inhabitants. During the 13th century, the resistance to the decapitalization of the city had been led by him. Which made him a hero at that time. Since the day Jacob van Artevelde reclaimed Ghent. The city goes by a new name ´The city of Artevelde´.

Today´s Ghent has become an attractive city to those who are into culture and business. Also, it has become one of the most popular places across Belgium to study. One of the most prestigious universities in Europe is based here. The geographical location attracts many businesses due to the strategic position.

Many artists and historical figures have put Ghent on the worldwide map as worth-visiting cultural heritage. The world-famous painting ´Lam Gods´ of the brothers van Eyck or Charles the 5th who ruled the city are one of the many stories Ghent possesses. Nowadays, the city delivers many talented people. For example, Oscar and the Wolf, he’s one of the most popular upcoming singers Ghent possesses.

The Ghentians are well known for their hospitality and their edge. Belgium only has one city that has been perceived as relaxed, open-minded, and alternative. Which is Ghent.

In order to immerse fully into the Ghentian vibe. We would like to offer you some information. The three boxes below offer you different ways of discovering the pearl of Flanders. Lovers of cultural heritage, you won´t get bored easily. Guests who are into cycling, the city provides lots of trails. It comes down to, whatever your interest may be, Ghent will certainly appeal to you.

Cycling in Ghent

The cycling embassy is located at the backside of the train station (Ghent-Sint-Pieters). They lend pushbikes to tourists for a small charge. Ghent possesses 37 km of cycling trails. For more information.

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Walking in Ghent

Strolling through the beauty the city will never bore you. The Milion quarter is located next to the hotel, which is certainly one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the city. Several walking trails are provided to you.

At night-fall, the magic scenery appears.

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Boat trips in Ghent

The city where 2 rivers merge and bring along plenty of cheerfulness. A boat trip offers you a different angle on the history of Ghent. It’s up to you whether to steer the boat yourself or hop into a guided boat trip.

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