Covid-19 prevention

Hotel Adoma has taken action to reduce the chances of getting exposed to the current virus (Covid-19). In order to obtain a safe environment at the hotel we believe in mutual responsibility and a communal mentality.

Social distancing

Belgium applies a distancing norm of 1.5 meters. All services with possible physical contact will be provided with the respected distance.

Lift use

Only use the lift when necessary. When the usage of the lift is required, only with people within your ‘bubble’, also max. of 2 people at a time.

Frequent points of contact

Frequent cleaning (with disinfection) is applied throughout the day. At the reception, a disinfecting hand sanitizer is available for your use. We recommend you use this facility throughout your stay (at check-in, every time you enter or leave the hotel, and at check-out)

Ventilation of the rooms

When leaving the room (regardless of the duration of your stay), we kindly ask you to open the windows.

Altered housekeeping routine 

During check-in, you will be asked if housekeeping is necessary during the duration of your stay. This is to reduce the entry of other people into your hotel room.

Glazen wall

The reception is fitted with a glazed wall to eliminate physical contact on your arrival and check-out.

Below here, you will find a link with the provided guidelines of the department of tourism Ghent regarding visiting the city. Click here.